Teens Unrealistic Salary Demands

Teens unrealistic salary demands
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A recent study of 12,000 teenagers released by Money Sense and RBS show some far out expectations of these teens of just how much they think they will be earning in the future. One average, teenagers believe when they finish their education an expected earning of $16,000 a year will be in their bank accounts.

The study shows also that at 25 years of age they are seeing a yearly income of close to $34,000. And by their 35th birthday, theses teenagers studied are expecting an earning of $60,000 per year. Optimistically the study also shows that over 50% of teenagers feel they will have purchased a home by the ripe old age of 25 followed by 82% who were positive that they will have this done no later than their 30th birthday.


The reality is really devastating as the average salary for teenagers is around $8,600, rising to just under $19,000 for those in their early 20’s. The average salary for those in their 30’s is $24,000; a far cry from the teenagers’ $60,000 dream income. Buying a house by your 25th birthday is hardly a realistic aspiration either. According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders, theaverage first time buyer in the USA is 31 years old.

Even though teenagers today seem to boast very optimistic visions of their future situations and lifestyles, we as a society don’t give our teenagers enough information and opportunities to explore the job market and career choices as well as we could. The aspirations of teenagers’ for their future careers are influenced unrealistically by television and movies much more so than in generations before. Career goals of teenagers put the career of banking as the second most popular career choice.


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