Uninsured car charges could dent you wallets deeply – Save now

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Uninsured car charges could dent you wallets deeply – Save now
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How would it feel to lose up to $5000 for forgetfulness? Bad, ofcourse and it would be a heavy price to pay, especially if it is for forgetting to renew our car insurance. The government has just tightened its grip over uninsured car drivers and has given ‘clamp and scrap’ powers to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency [DVLA] through which uninsured cars can be seized and destroyed instantly.

This new scheme is called, “Continuous Insurance Enforcement” [CIE] and its intention is to make car insurance mandatory to all at all times, failing this the car drivers would face unpleasant repercussions in the form of penalties. However, there is an exception to CIE which requires car owners to declare officially through Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) that their cars would be permanently off-road.

The Government spends about $380 million per year on insurance settlements for damages caused by uninsured car drivers. The damages caused also results in an additional cost of $30 towards insurance premium, which will be paid by the insurers and the recent CIE law is to prevent such drawbacks.

Some don’t insure their cars on purpose and later face a cobweb of legal challenges, but sadly, many don’t realise that their insurance has expired and later face penalties for their carelessness. In order to avoid such hasty mistakes, the Motor Insurance Database [MID] which holds the details of all car insurers has created a facility where insurers can check if their car insurance is active. These details can be checked at their website.

It is always better to keep ourselves informed in order to avoid such unforeseen expenses, so get insured today.


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